Best time of day for a snorkeling/whale watching tour?

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Best time of day for a snorkeling/whale watching tour? The following question was answered by Joy.


What time of day is best to go on a snorkeling/whale watching tour, it seems like morning is real popular for some reason?


The mornings are the most popular time for the snorkel trips to go because the morning's are the best time for snorkeling in Hawaii. The ocean is much calmer early in the day because on most days there is no wind in the morning. Our trade winds normally pick up in the afternoon (11AM or after). Afternoon is a great time for a performance sail/whale watch but generally the conditions for snorkeling (except for select areas that are protected from the winds by cliffs or hills) are not as good in the afternoons. The winds make the ocean conditions rough and stir sediments off the bottom which interferes with a snorkelers ability to see long distances underwater.

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