Best Time of Day for a Parasail Flight?

What is the best time of day to take a parasail flight?


There really is not a best time of the day for parasailing regarding the experience of your actual flight and parasail tours depart from early morning to late afternoon. The mornings usually provide the most glassy ocean conditions and the smoothest rides. Afternoons can often be windy but that usually does not affect the flights. That being said however, if winds do become severe, the flights will be canceled. All in all, your likelihood of having a flight canceled would be marginally greater in the afternoon so if you looking to hedge your bets against a cancellation, the morning hours would be a safer bet.

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Hawaii parasailing is thrilling, exciting and fun! Parasailing in Hawaii has an appeal that transcends age as it is a favorite of youngsters and surprisingly is an activity that is also enjoyed by senior citizens as well.

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