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Kahului is located on the often windy northern coastline of Maui. As such, the winds often play an important role in the nearby beaches. The closest beaches to Kahului are Kanaha Beach and Baldwin Beach Park.

Kanaha Beach Park

Kanaha Beach Park

(You will almost always see kite surfers at Kanaha Beach.)

On the east side of the Kahului Harbor you will find the Kanaha Beach Park. There are about five or six of stretches of sand in Kanaha that stretch all the way from the harbor to the airport and are connected to a frontage road with about five or so large parking lots for easy access. These should actually be considered specialty beaches because they are only allowed to be used for special uses during the course of the day. In the mornings prior to 11am these beaches can make a wonderful place to swim long distances, snorkel and to enjoy some great diving. When the wind picks up after 11am these beaches are divided in half from the lifeguard tower located midway between them and the kite surfers are allowed to the west and the windsurfers are allowed to the east. If you are interested in learning the wind sports this is a great location for beginners to start out at. (more)

Baldwin Beach Park

Baldwin Beach Park

(View of the east end of Balwin Beach Park facing east.)

If you have transportation available to get to Baldwin Beach you should definitely make the trip over to check it out. Baldwin is about a mile long and although it is normally pretty windy in the afternoon there is a barrier reef on the west end of the beach that normally provides enough protection from the surf and the currents for a quick dip in the ocean. (more)

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