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The only semi-sandy beach on the Honokowai coastline is located on the shoreline of Honokowai Beach Park. To add a few more options to this page we have also included some options from neighboring Kapalua and Kaanapali.

Honokowai Beach Park

Honokowai Beach Park

(View from Honokowai Beach Park looking North)

While Honokowai Beach Park is an area where you can get in the water on calm days the majority of the users of this area come here to use the large grass field and the jungle gym because of the lack of sand on the shore. Kaanapali Beach has much more sand and is located about ten minutes south of Honokowai. The Honokowai coastline is a beautiful one but for the most part is a rock shoreline upon which condominium complexes are perched. The beach here is both a beach and a park which occupies the coastal side of the road in what could essentially be referred to as the center of Honokowai town. The beach here is both sand bottom and is also protected somewhat by a rock subsurface so on calm days it is very suitable for a nice refreshing dip. At times of low tide the reef will become exposed and consequently snorkeling in Honokowai has its limitations. (more)

DT Fleming Beach

DT Fleming Beach

(View from parking lot area looking north.)

DT Fleming Beach park is actually located a bit north of Honokowai in the Kapalua area. DT Fleming Beach is best in the summertime because during the winter there is frequently large surf that makes swimming very hazardous. If you're unsure it's always a good idea to check with the Lifeguard before entering the water. (more)

Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach

(View of Kaanapali Beach from the top of Black Rock looking south.)

Kaanapali Beach is one of the jewels of the westside of Maui. This long stretch of sand is home to most of the major resorts on the island and is one of the few beaches on the island that has shopping and dining are easily accessible from the beach. (more)

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I always just take a taxi down to Kaanapali so I can tan and then go to Hula Grill for a Maitai then go back to the beach and tan some more and repeat until the sun goes down. LOVE THAT PLACE :)

@kendra Last time I went to Kaanapali Beach the parking was a nightmare. I think I might try a taxi next time too.

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