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There are two main beaches on Maui's north shore. Hookipa Beach and Baldwin Beach. Both of these beaches can have very rough waters so swimmers should beware if planning on getting in the water. There are normally many days during the winters where these beaches are closed completely so please remember to always exercise cation when visiting these areas.

Hookipa Beach Park

Hookipa Beach Park

(View from upper parking lot.)

The most well known and used beach in the Haiku area of Maui is the beach at Hookipa. This area of the island is referred to as the north shore and these beaches are generally rougher than the beaches found on the west and south sides of the island so extreme care is always required when you're in or near the water. Hookipa is also an area that is frequented by stiff trade winds which makes it great for wind surfing. Since Hookipa is also known for its large waves (that come in particularly in the winter time) this location makes an ideal spot for professional or experienced windsurfers to practice their craft as they can both surf the big waves in with their wind surfing boards and then have the wind carry them back out to catch the next set coming in. (more)

Baldwin Beach Park

Baldwin Beach Park

(View from east parking lot looking east.)

Baldwin Beach Park is most heavily used in the morning. People tend to take advantage of it's mile long length for activities on the land such as walking, running or tanning more than it's ocean resources because it can be quite rough at times. The most popular part of the beach is the area known as "Baby Beach" which os located on the western end of the beach. (more)

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