ATV Off-Road Tours on Kauai with Kipu Ranch ATV

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Located on a large parcel of land once revered as one of the favorite locations of Hawaiian royalty, the Kipu Ranch ATV adventure is truly a special treat. Kauai's Kipu Ranch will automatically seem familiar to you as many of the most famous Hollywood movies ever made were filmed on portions of this ranch. There are both valleys and hills to be traversed and even a waterfall and pool is available to you after the ride is over on one of your tour options. You'll find all the sights of interest in this beautiful place and you'll be able to see much of the wildlife that is so plentiful in Kauai's "out-back" such as wild pigs, pheasant, Nene Goose and an occasional scampering mongoose. CAN-AM 400 4-wheel drive ATV's will be the vehicle of choice on this hearty trek and their ability to climb hills and corner in tight places will be all that more appreciated as you're in the midst of your adventure.

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