Attractions on Oahu with Sea Life Park

Sea Life Park is simply one of the most fun and most educational attractions you will find in Hawaii. Located on the eastern shore of Oahu, about a forty-five minute ride from Waikiki, you will be able to find Sea Life Park at the base of the huge cliffs of Waimanalo along the coastline. This will be a place you can learn about the various forms of sea life found in Hawaii. You'll be able to touch and pick-up certain animals; swim with dolphins; view reefs from underwater in large aquariums; and attend any one of a number of interesting and fun shows highlighting the animals of the region. Probably the most exciting programs for most people are the dolphin swims, which allow you to touch these beautiful creatures as well as have them tow you in the water as you hold onto their dorsal fins. You may even choose to have the Dolphins catapult you out of the water as they push you from your feet and launch you into the air. Sea Life Park is simply the best place you could take children or those who are still children at heart.

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Sea Life Park is essentially a 'marine playground' you can visit, they are located on the eastern shores of Oahu at the base of the cliffs of Waimanalo.

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