Attractions on Oahu with Polynesian Cultural Center

One of the most famous of all Hawaii's attractions is Oahu's Polynesian Cultural Center. This is actually considered to be the largest paid attraction in the entire state of Hawaii. Located on the North Shore of Oahu, the Polynesian Cultural Center is about an hour's drive from Waikiki, but that does not stop droves of visitors from coming. If you don't have a car, there are buses to take you there. The reason for its popularity has to do with the fact that it is so compelling. The idea behind it is that small villages representing all of the many cultures of the South Pacific have been created here. You will be able to travel from a small Tahitian village to a Samoan village to a Fijian village and to Hawaii. See the different designs of their various huts, and take a peek into the way they lived inside. Actual islanders will be there dressed in their traditional garb, and ready to answer any questions you might have. You'll be able to play traditional games, and watch them as they produce useful everyday items out of materials found in their natural environment. Later in the evening, you will be treated to a luau or a Hawaiian show and also a large extravaganza featuring all the song and dance of the various South Pacific regions.

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Considered to be the largest paid attraction in the state of Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore of Oahu is a Hawaii 'icon' and is a 'must visit' when you come to Oahu.

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