Attractions on Oahu with Kualoa Ranch

One of the most beautiful valleys to be found anywhere on Oahu is the area known as Kualoa. This valley, which is owned by the Kualoa Ranch, stretches from the beautiful oceanfront to the ridges behind forming a self-contained "box canyon" of sorts. It has all the components of what the ancient Hawaiians called an "ahupua'a" which was a division of land that was lived on by a separate Hawaiian community that had everything that was necessary for their survival as a group from the feathers found on the birds in the mountain ridges to the fish they found on the shoreline. Today this beautiful valley will be easily recognized by you as it has been the site of many of the films you have seen at the movies in years past such as Jurassic Park and the popular TV series "Lost". There are a number of activities available for you here including horseback riding, ATV rides, and educational programs which will involve Hawaiian Fishpond and garden tours, history tours, jungle explorations, and a movie site tour.

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Kualoa Ranch is located in one of the most beautiful and historically significant valleys in all of Hawaii. This picturesque location is the home of numerous activities including horseback riding, ATV rides, and a number of culturally based offerings including a Hawaiian fishing and garden tour, a jungle expedition, an ocean voyaging and navigation tour, a history of Kualoa tour and a movie tour which will take you to all the places famous movies were filmed in the valley.

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