Are you interested in a 'valley' zipline crossing or a 'canopy' zipline?

Zip lining tours have become so prevalent in the past few decades that they have diversified into two basic types of zipline courses.

The first type of course, is the most popular and these are the 'valley or canyon crossing' ziplines. Generally these courses start at the top of a valley or a series of valleys and zigzag back and forth across them as they work their way to the final zipline at the bottom of the course. These ziplines of course are all unique and will vary as to the terrain of the valley and the length and size of the gorge or valleys that they traverse. Some are fairly short, perhaps a hundred yards or so and others are absolutely enormous and can be measured in fractions of a mile. These extended courses can also produce the most speed and prove most exciting for 'dare devil' types. Many such courses also offer duel ziplines so you can race your friend to the bottom of a particular zipline.

The second type of course is the 'canopy' zipline courses and these are found high in the trees of an island forest. The essential idea behind these is that you will climb to a staging area from which you will zip to a nearby platform built at the top of a tree and then you will hop-scotch your way from one tall tree to another until you complete the course. Often, in addition to the regular ziplines between trees these courses will also include specialty apparatus such as rope bridges to walk across or rappelling challenges. Nowhere near as fast as the canyon courses and nowhere near as long, these zipline courses are often more suitable for those people who are a bit more timid about the notion of ziplines to begin with and prefer to begin with some ziplines that are not quite as high or as fast.

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Zip lining in Hawaii is such a new activity category that the industry itself can't yet quite even decide how to write its name! You will see it labeled zip lining in Hawaii, ziplining in Hawaii, zip-lining in Hawaii or just simply as Hawaii zip tours.

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