Are the Oahu Glider Rides Cool?

What is your opinion regarding the glider rides? Will you see much of the island from the air?


The glider rides are fantastic! They are fun and they are very different. As far as seeing large portions of Oahu from the air...........this won't be in the cards. If you are truly looking for an flight that gives you an overview of the island you should be taking one of the fixed wing or helicopter flights that specialize in doing that. The glider rides are for those who have a desire to get up in an aircraft that has no motor and allows you to fly silently like a bird and stay ascended upon the air currents and thermals of the wind and gentle breezes found at the north-east corner of the island of Oahu. The Oahu glider tours can be a real "rush" as you are pulled in to the air by a prop airplane and then released to glide on your own. The area you'll be seeing below is the beautiful and unpopulated Kaena Point region of the island where, in season, you may even be able to see whales in the waters below. We highly recommend the Oahu glider rides, and this is the only Hawaiian island that offers these great tours!

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