Apply for a listing on Tom Barefoot's Tours.

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Thank you for your interest in getting listed on the Tom Barefoot's Tours family of websites. To apply for a listing you will need to complete the following four step process.

Step 1. Prepare and Submit Your Company Information.

We will need to have some basic contact information for your company. We will need your company name, DBA (if you use one), company mailing address, an administrative phone number, a reservations phone number, a company fax number, a company email address and the name and contact information of the person we should contact with any questions.

Step 2. Submit your product information.

Our website listings require very detailed information about each one of your products. For each product that is to be listed we will need the following information. A basic description, multiple high resolution images, the days, time(s) of day, duration, maximum capacity, departure location (address and GPS point), specifications of equipment that is used during the activity, what's included? what's available for additional charge? is there food provided? if so what is on the menu? are there restrictions for who can go? We will need all this information for EACH one of your products.

Please get as much of this information ready before contacting us, when we get in touch with you we will ask for any required information that was previously omitted.

Step 4. Submit Proof that we are additionally insured on your company policy.

In order for a listing on our site to be created we must be first provided with a document that states that we are listed as "additionally insured" on your companies insurance policy. This establishes a direct communication between Tom Barefoot's Tours and your insurance company so in the event of a change to the policy the insurance company will let Tom Barefoot's Tours know directly. Submit the document from your insurance company that shows proof that we are additionally insured on your company's insurance policy. Make sure we are named as: "Cashback Tours Ltd" on the document. You normally also need to list our company address. The address you should use is: "PO Box 1887, Kahului HI 96733".

If you have any questions or need help with this process please contact our Administration Office for assistance. The phone number there is (808) 871-9922. We're looking forward to working with you.