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Since 1993, Volcano Air Tours has been a fixture in the mix of air tour companies in the state. Their main places of departure are the Kahului Airport in Maui's central valley and the Kapalua Airport on Maui's upper west end. These tours are designed to take you from Maui and fly you over to the Big Island to view the volcanic activity from above the rift zone. These are some of the most incredible flights as they will show you flowing molten lava as it flows from its "Puu" or vents, down to the sea. This lava can often be seen flowing through immense lava tubes, and even in broad daylight this lava is brilliant red and white hot in color. As the lava enters the ocean huge plumes of smoke, steam, and gases are created by its mixing with the cooler ocean waters and can be seen for miles. You will be able to get the "whole picture" of the flow system, and you will come back having a good idea of how the life of our continents has often begun. The tour from start to finish usually takes just a bit over two hours.

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