Air Tours - Airplane Tours Oahu with The Original Glider Rides

Now here's a tour that is just a little bit different! The North Shore on Oahu is well known for its famous surfing and beautiful country vistas and envious lifestyle, but few people realize that one of the most spectacular ways to view it is by glider with the Original Glider Rides. These tours depart from Dillingham Air Base located on the North Shore just a couple miles west of Haleiwa. On these rides, you climb into the cockpit of a glider aircraft and are actually towed aloft by a power plane via a tow line. At a height of perhaps two or three thousand feet your pilot will release the tow line, and you will then be free and aloft above the North Shore area. You'll ride the winds and air currents above the island in comfort and silence. Nothing could quite prepare you for this truly "bird's eye" experience as you see the mountain ranges and coastal areas below from your flight path supported by the thermals and air currents on the North Shore.

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