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The romance of flying over the island of Oahu is rekindled by taking a flight over the island with the Island Seaplane Service. Seaplanes, after all, have an intimate connection with Hawaii dating back to the original airline services to Oahu which featured the majestic China Clippers which brought visitors from the mainland to Hawaii and landed them at Keahi Lagoon off Honolulu. The Island Seaplane service takes off and lands from this same lagoon and offers fantastic tours of the island of Oahu seeing its developed areas such as Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii Kai, Kailua, Kaneohe, and Eva but also flying over its remote ridges, valleys, sheer walls and waterfalls that are unable to be seen anyway other than by air. You'll also have an opportunity to see Oahu's famous North Shore with its tremendous waves. Perhaps one of the most dramatic moments will be when you follow the trajectory between Oahu's two large mountain ranges toward Pearl Harbor on the exact course the Japanese took when they bombed Pearl Harbor.

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