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I haven't used your service in quite some time. Why are you contacting me now?

We are contacting you precisely because you haven't used us in a long time. We thought we would see if we could renew your interest with a special opportunity to make some money. Our company has expanded with a much larger reach in the Hawaii activity market than in years prior and both our website and our Partnership Program have evolved so much in recent years that we simply wanted to make you aware of all that has transpired. Remember that your special website is already made and all you have to do is start using it by passing it on to your clients and your income stream will begin again.

If I haven't used you in a number of years, do I need to re-register with you?

Absolutely not. You are already set up and you just need to start referring your special website to clients for you to start earning commissions.

Our agency has a number of independent agents who work from home. How does this program work for them?

Every agency has one affiliate website. Each agent in your company should use this website. At the end of any given month a check will be written to the agency, or whatever entity you would prefer, that will cover commissions on all tours that were completed within the previous month. Accompanying the check will be a list of all the tours that were purchased from each specific client and the total dollars that were paid in commissions for each client's activities. You can identify the actual agent who generated the booking from the name of the client. You could then forward the full amount of the commissions directly to the individual agent or you could pass on whatever portion of it you set as a company policy. That part is up to you. One thing is certain however, all your agents will appreciate the monthly bonus they will receive from this program.

I would like to update some information on our agency profile. How should I do that?

You may want to make changes to your point of contact person, your company mailing address, your email address or whatever. Not a problem. Please contact us at with the necessary changes and we will amend our records to reflect the changes you would like made.

Have any questions? Please contact us.

Affiliate Program FAQ's

Aloha Tom Barefoot's Tours Affiliate, Tom Barefoot's Tours is increasing your commissions on Hawaii Tours and Activities for over 3,800 options in the Big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.

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