Advantages of taking a small plane for a tour over Kauai?

Inevitably when you are in the process of making decisions about taking a small plane tour over Kauai you become struck with the question of why would you take one of these as adverse to a helicopter and wonder if this is your wisest option. To help resolve these questions, here are a number of advantages you will have by taking a small plane tour of Kauai:

  • Your tour will be considerably less costly than choosing a helicopter tour. Often the tour price will be 25% to 50% less expensive.

  • In many cases you will be traveling with just a couple other people or perhaps just the two people that may be in your party.

  • The full hour tour in a tour plane allows you to actually circle the most important parts of the island.

  • Depending upon the aircraft you are on you may be able to see equally as well out both sides of the aircraft.

  • These tours are frequently more personalized than helicopters and often there is much more ability to speak back and forth with your tour pilot asking questions.

  • Motion sickness is generally not as prevalent as in helicopters.

Which Kauai air tour should you take?

There are generally a few different air tours available to visitors but the tours offered by fixed wing aircraft will somewhat level the playing field. Because helicopters can be more versatile with regard to maneuverability they may often spend more time hovering within individual valleys and exploring coastal areas in a way that fixed wing aircraft cannot. This in some ways could be considered a detriment but in other ways it is not. By in large the great advantage in taking a fixed wing tour is that it will cover all the major areas of Kauai on a single flight. This will mean that you will see the coastal waters protected from view by the mountain ranges near Lihue. You'll fly over the vast agricultural lands moving north from the airport. You'll glimpse the South Shore. A fly-over of the Waimea Canyon is always part of the flight path. The Na Pali Coastline will the 'heart and soul' of your excursion and will highlight some of the most beautiful coasts to be found anywhere on the planet. Your flight will also highlight Hanalei Bay and many beauty spots on the North Shore as well as doing a fly-by of Mt. Waialeale or following the eastern scenic coastline leading back to the airport.

Related Categories

Hawaii air tours are fundamentally divided into two categories: Hawaii airplane tours, and helicopter tours. Because these two categories of aircraft are inexorably lumped together it is important to draw a comparison between the two because people always want a contrast to determine which might provide a better Hawaii air flight for them.

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