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My name is Tom Barefoot and I founded Tom Barefoot's Tours in 1975, when I began selling tours from a little stand on Front Street in Lahaina. Ten years later, myself and loyal staff moved into stores located in Lahaina and other parts of Maui. In 1996 we joined the 'internet revolution' and created our first website - all of 4 pages - that over the years has grown to more than 10,000 pages, represents over 400 separate activity companies and gives our clients access to over 1500 unique tours in all of Hawaii.
As all of our vendors and millions of customers can vouch for, over the past 40 years only the technology of www.tombarefoot.com has fundamentally changed. Our company commitment to service and value remain the same in large part thanks to our staff in Hawaii who answer phones, respond to inquiries and assist people in the good old-fashioned way.
I still enjoy running the business to this day and write site content based upon my years of knowledge of the visitor activity industry and my participation in the multitude of activity experiences I've been privileged to enjoy.

As you will discover, www.tombarefoot.com aims to provide each visitor with easy-to-use-tools for making choices of activities, tours, experiences, and itineraries that are just right for you, and at the best prices.