A guided Kauai Hike that is not too Strenuous?

We are in our 50's and in fairly good shape (but not great shape). We'd like to take a guided hike of some sort that would get us back into nature but would not be too strenuous. What would you suggest.


One good suggestion would be the Sleeping Giant Hike with Kauai Nature Tours. You will have a glorious view of the entire eastern half of Kauai from the fabled Sleeping Giant Mountain. You'll ascend a mountain ridge to get to the top and the entire hike extends just about five miles. You'll see archaeological remains and much in the way of Kauai plant life. It is a fairly easy hike and very rewarding.

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Hiking in Hawaii is an activity that many people find pleasurable and rewarding. Not only do Hawaii hikes provide exercise, fresh air and a connection to the beautiful outdoor environment but the Hawaii hiking tours offered on the islands provide one of the most educational activities available to the island visitor.

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