2 Ways To Generate More Business

Hawaii's Largest Selection of Activities

Each one of Tom Barefoot's Tours Promotional Partnership Program users is of course unique and may have their own special needs or requirements. We will be glad to work with each company individually and assist them in the ways that are suited best for them. In general however, depending on the type of user you are, there are three basic ways you can provide additional tour and activity assistance for your clients, as well additional business to you:

1) Place a link to the unique web page address (URL) we have created for you on your own web site. The most effective verbiage to use can be found under 2) below.

2) Include a link on the confirmation letter template you send to your clients directing them to your unique URL. The most effective verbiage we have found is as follows and applies to the link on your web page or your confirmation letter:

"Looking to enjoy some activities in Hawaii? We are partnered with the #1 Activity Booking Company in Hawaii. They have been in the business for over 40 years and book over 2,000 activities in Hawaii. Not only do they have local experienced professionals to help you decide what to book but they also have an extremely comprehensive 10,000 page website that includes information, pictures and even video tours of certain activities to help you decide which activity is best for you."

You can book activities online at www.barefoothawaii.com/-------YourLink and reach a representative at (808) -Your Special Phone Number, for additional questions. Making bookings this way will provide a substantial discount for you and your family or group."


We are happy to answer any questions that you have.