10 Things everyone should know about arranging for and booking their Hawaiian Tours and Activities.

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Lets start right off with what you should know. Read this list, one point at a time, and by the end you will have all the information you need to create your very best Hawaiian tour itinerary.

Which island or islands will you be visiting?

1. Each island is very different from the others and you should begin by listening to Tom's video (or read the transcript of the video) for the islands you would like to visit. In so doing you will discover the activities that are unique to that island or at least best suited to be taken on that specific island.

  • Hawaii - Big Island Activities
  • Maui Activites
  • Oahu Activities
  • Kauai Activities

Make arrangements for a rent a car now while they're still available.

2. You will need one on all islands with the possible exception of Oahu where there is a great bus system and many taxis. Also, a tremendous number of activity companies will also include pick-up for you at (or near) your hotel. You can order cars from us at usually the best pricing here: Discounted Rental Vehicles in Hawaii

Make use of our Activity Finder.

3. Activity Finder This will save you a ton of time and assist you to plan your activities in the most efficient way. It is located on the upper right hand corner of our site.

Check the price ranges of all the activities within a category.

4. When you arrive on any particular category page for any of the Hawaiian Islands (for instance the Luau category on Maui or the Kayak category on Kauai), sort by Price (low to High) and you will see the ascending order of pricing of tours in that category.

Pay special attention to the "Reviews" to be found on each activity within each category on the site.

5. No. This is not the "complete barometer" measure of the quality of an activity, but it is valuable. Generally speaking, I believe it could be said that the number of stars given a vendor ultimately speaks for itself. Consider the reviews. Though not a consummate measure of value and client experience, you will be able to intuit which tours ring true for you.

Call us if you still need assistance with any of your tour choices.

6. Our staff is here to help and we can answer most every question that might arise. The phone number is located at the top of every page of our site.

When deciding upon multiple tours for your upcoming holiday, arrange them in a sensible order and spread them out wisely.

7. Activities that require you to get up early in the morning should be arranged for the first couple of days of your stay as most people arriving here from North America will be getting up very early in the day due to the time changes. Also, don't fall into the trap of trying to fit in too many activities into your schedule. Try to leave a day in between tour outings for just basic relaxing as one of the main benefits you will want to return home with is a sense of being well rested.

Return home with a sense that you have had new experiences.

8. Part of the take away of a good vacation is to have done things that are out of your normal day to day experience. This in itself will provide you with a refreshed sense of spirit. Think about doing things you have never done. Swim with dolphins, manta rays or do a shark tank tour. Ride in a glider plane or go bird watching. Sport fish for marlin or take an inter-tube ride down a flume system. Have an introductory scuba experience or take a stargazing tour. With all the tours that are available in Hawaii you are certain to be able to find many experiences that you have never had before.

When you have narrowed your choices, make your bookings at that time.

9. Don't wait for later! We often will run out out room for your tour. The whole point of this exercise is to create an ideal vacation for yourself and your family and one of the big reasons you should be dealing with your vacation at least a month in advance is so you can actually make the bookings for what you want to do in a schedule that suits you perfectly. If you follow the rule of making your activity bookings a month in advance you generally will find yourself in good shape. During busy seasons such as the Christmas holidays and the summer months of June and July you certainly will have to book even much sooner for specific tours. Staying ahead of the booking curve makes all the difference.

Plan for a great time but be prepared for disappointments.

10. Although Hawaii has one of the best climates on the planet, yes we can have bad weather here and as a result tours can be cancelled. The same thing could happen if the boat you chose to take has a sudden mechanical for instance and is unable to take you on the tour the day you are scheduled. Some people make the mistake of booking all their tours separately either through vendors directly or with a mix of activity brokers. People who have booked all their tours with Tom Barefoot's Tours will not have all the hassle of going through the refund process with one company while they are trying to arrange for another activity on short notice with a series of other companies. Tours, during a spell of bad weather, can fall like dominoes and there may need to be many adjustments to your schedule. It is better to just be able to call us and have us take care of all the refunds and make all the adjustments. It is a one stop service you will really be glad you had if things begin to unravel.

That's it! Taking these few steps will give you the insurance of making your vacation time in Hawaii all that it can be. One of the great thingsabout making these preparations is that in many ways actually thinking about and counting the days down to your vacation can be almost as fun as the vacation itself. In this way, you can start enjoying your vacation RIGHT NOW!

We look forward to seeing you here in Hawaii.

Tom Barefoot

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