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Aloha! The Hawaiian Islands are an absolute 'Mecca' for tours and activities. Their offerings of Hawaii activities and Hawaii tours provide more unique experiences than you will find at any other vacation destination in the world. With over 45 years of experience, we can offer more than 1500 of the best Hawaii activities and Hawaii tours: Maui over 600; Oahu over 400; Big Island over 300; and Kauai over 200. Like the islands themselves, none of these activities and tours are the same. We know the differences and want to share them with you to make choices based on your tastes, styles, passions and travel needs. The geography, weather patterns, and experiences on each island, and even on each part of the islands, are very different and can be a challenge to figure out.

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How Trade Winds affect Shore Diving

Shore divers on any island should have at least some knowledge of Hawaiian weather. The more the better. In fact, for the purpose of choosing the proper dive site for the day, shore divers need to know a lot about how to interpret not only winds but currents, waves and tides. By necessity, shore divers develop expertise about trade winds. These..

Amazing Air Journey to Molokai’s Hidden Treasure

In past times there were two ways for visitors to discover one of Hawaii’s most unique experiences, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, the former leprosy colony, intentionally hidden from the outside world on Kalaupapa Peninsula on the small island of Molokai.One way, while gazing in awe at sheer cliffs overlooking the Pacific, was to..