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The Hawaiian Islands are an absolute 'Mecca' for tours and activities. There are more Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities in the islands than can be found on any other location on earth. The activity industry here is so extensive that on our site alone, we represent over 400 different vendors which combined together consists of over 1500 actual tours. On Maui we offer over 600, on Oahu over 400, on the Big Island over 300 and on Kauai over 200. Each of these different Hawaii Activities offers something completely different. The complexity of the island chain itself is the factor most responsible for this phenomenon. The geography of each island is unique and thus provides a totally unique platform for the individual tours to play out on. Even the weather patterns for each island are different from one another and the different parts of each island have different weather pasterns from one to the other as well. It is no wonder that there is such a diversity of Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours.
There are so many different categories of activities and tours on each island that it is often difficult to 'get a grip' on what they all are. It is for this reason that we are listing below (in alphabetical order), all the categories of Activities that can be found on all the islands so you can get the big picture. For instance if you click on the 'Helicopter Category' it will show all the different companies that offer tours and all the different tours they offer on all of the islands. You can also select the individual islands to see which specific helicopter tours are located only on that island. This is the way it works for every category. 
Understand Hawaii's Weather Patterns as you choose your Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours.
Air Tours here refers to 'fixed-wing sightseeing airplanes' which provide great views of the islands and usually less expensively than Helicopters.
Each island offers some large attractions that accommodate a number of people and focus on a particular area.
These fantastic tours get off the 'beaten path' usually on lands that would be inaccessible to the average visitor.
Visit America's 'Last Battleship'.
Bike tours are found on each island.
These packages are put together with a couple of different tours and usually at discounted pricing.
We offer 'tons' of tours and shore excursions that you can take on each island your cruise ship ports.
Mix a beautiful sunset with a great boat and a special dinner and drinks, and you have a dinner cruise.
Pretend you're on vacation (you are, you know) and treat yourself to a dinner and a show.
You can see dolphins on all islands and on some, you can swim with them in the wild as well.
Enjoy an evening of entertainment
Each island offers dozens of different sightseeing excursions.
Sport Fishing is 'happening' in Hawaii. You can charter a boat on every island.
Take a tour to visit the small ethnic restaurants and enjoy the food and culture of the various Hawaiian heritages.
We offer dozens of golf courses on each island. You'll be amazed at the beauty.
Even with a disability, you can still enjoy scores of different handicap accessible tours on each island.
We say it often because it is so true, 75% of the beauty of Hawaii can only be seen from the air.
If you think the islands of Hawaii would be an amazing place to take a hiking tour, you'd be 100% correct.
Horseback Riding is available on every island. Each ranch has its own beauty and own topography.
You might do hunting on the mainland, but not like we do it here!
Take a 1-day tour from the island you are staying on, visit another island and return the same day.
You can 'Zoom' on each island except Kauai.
These are some of the most satisfying ocean adventures. You can take your time and see all the marine life.
If you're a 'kid', Hawaii is where you want to be. Each island has 'kid friendly' tours and activities.
These tours are limited to the Big Island because this is the only place you will find active volcanoes.
Luaus are the 'traditional' Hawaii activity, and every island offers them.
Molokini is the small island located just off the coast of Maui. These are among the best tours in Hawaii.
Now we're talking about one of the 'Wonders of the World'. The NaPali Coast on Kauai is not to be missed.
This is the 'Forbidden Island' located off the coast of Kauai. Some of the best 'sea life' in Hawaii can be found here.
These are both thrilling and beautiful at the same time. If you have children, they will probably make you do this!
You don't need to be on Oahu to take a Pearl Harbor Tour. We have 1-day tours from other island that visit here as well.
This is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Hawaii. Take a day and enjoy it.
Invent your own tour. Take your family and friends on a private charter or make arrangements on anything for your corporate event.
On most islands, a rent-a-car is a must. Go where you want, when you want. Good public transportation only exists on Oahu.
All the Hawaiian Islands have wind, and that's all you need. For speed, you might try an afternoon sail.
They say the 'best half of Hawaii is underwater'. We personally like the above water part too, but you can scuba dive on every island.
These trips are so popular and so exciting!. It may be different than you think. Check it out!
On each island, this is the most popular activity.
The idea is to relax on vacation, right! You get the picture.
These submarine dives will take you deeper than you would go on most scuba dives. Its a real treat, and you don't have to get wet either!
Each island has these and they may be the best two hours you spend in Hawaii.
This is where it all began. Hawaii taught the world to surf, and now it can teach you too.
A luau is not the only activity you can do in the evening in Hawaii.
Certainly you've heard of Father Damien's Leper Colony. Visit this famous bit of Hawaii history at one of the most beautiful places in all the islands.
You can visit the island and take a tour, or you can take a boat to visit the shoreline and snorkel the longest reef in Hawaii.
Hawaii is known for some of the most unusual and unique tours in the world. Check them out.
Get some exercise and have some fun.
Check out all the activities that could be considered water sports in the State of Hawaii.
Yes, Hawaii's a great place to get married, and also to renew your vows
Winter is 'whale time' in Hawaii as the giant 'Humpbacks' visit us from Alaska. This is our most popular tour in the winter months.
Looking to get your 'freak on' with some exciting, thrilling and adventurous tours. Check these out!
Twenty years ago we did not have any of these in Hawaii. Now we have them on all the islands. Fun beyond fun.

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