Which Months Have the Least Tourists Visiting Hawaii?

So, most people will determine which month they will visit Hawaii based upon vacations and time off work, time off from school or weather conditions in their local regions. Some people however simply prefer to come to Hawaii when the least number of visitors are here. There are some good advantages to this strategy: hotel rates are usually down, restaurants are not clogged with tourists, it is easier to get on tours, everything is less crowded and there is simply more elbow room. So what are the slowest months of the year for those of you who might be somewhat misanthropic in character, of simply want to enjoy your space? Well here is the countdown of the previous twelve month visitor count in Hawaii. and the winner is:

1. November
2. September
3. February
4. April
5. May
6. October
7. January
8. December
9. March
10. June
11. August
12. July

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