Whalewatch Sailboat Combo?

We are looking at the America sail while there in late December. Which would be the best sail to perhaps get some whale watching in as well as adventure? Thanks.


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In response to your question the America II operates a whale watch at 8:30am, and it's entirely focused on seeing the whales so there's no fast sailing during that particular trip of theirs. Their afternoon and late afternoon sails are fast sails, but the nature of a fast sail does not give opportunity to stay in a spot that the whales would be. If you absolutely want to combine the two experiences to some degree, here's a different possibility, they include a performance sail during their snorkel trip and they will stop to check out the whales on the way to the snorkel site. Optimum experience for both the whale watch and sail though, is to do them separately..no matter how long the whale watching, it always leaves one wanting more!

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