We Want to Touch the Dolphins!

My children actually want to swim with the dolphins and touch them as well. We noticed on your website that the companies that go out to swim with the dolphins are very clear about not wanting you to touch them. Do any dolphin excursions allow you to touch the dolphins?


Actually there are two different types of dolphin tours we offer on Oahu: those that swim with the dolphins in the wild, and those that swim with dolphins that are in captivity. They are very different. The dolphin tours that swim with the dolphins in the wild are very protective of the dolphins. These dolphins live in the open ocean; they hunt there, eat there, play there and sleep in the wild as well. They fend for themselves in this environment and the boats go out of their way to not upset the balance in their lives and the dolphins are treated with the upmost respect in their natural habitat.

The other type of dolphin swim we have on Oahu is at Sea Life Park where the dolphins you swim with are in captivity. This is a totally different type of environment. The dolphins here don't fend for themselves; in fact they are taken care of. Their motivation in captivity is to live and work with their handlers and the public in a way that will be in balance with this protected existence. They live a very good life here but they act in a very different manner because the rewards they receive come in a very different format. Their natural inclination to befriend humans is encouraged at Sea Life Park and the relationship experienced by both the dolphins and the public that come in contact with them is enhanced in a totally different way than will be found in the wilds and the open ocean.

Swimming with Dolphins

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Over the years our clients have asked us literally thousands of different questions. We have collected the answers to some of them that seem to come up relatively frequently and posted them on this page.

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The concept of "Hawaii attractions" and the notion of "things to do in Hawaii" often come up at the very same time. There is obviously so much that one could consider doing that the task itself of sorting it all out becomes almost overwhelming.

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Hawaii dolphin watching together with swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii is an industry all to its own. There is probably no sea creature quite as endearing in the eyes of a human being as the dolphin.

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