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Wakesurfing With Wake Maui

This sunny afternoon in Lahaina my friend Joe and I went wakeboarding with Wake Maui. Both of us had tried wakeboarding before on lakes in the mainland but neither of us had tried wakeboarding or wakesurfing in the ocean before. Captain Ryan adjusted the ballast for us to provide a large wake for us to try wakeboarding on. Both of us opted to use the wake surfing board that did not have straps. The objective with these boards is to position yourself in the wake and then drop the rope and literally surf the wake. We tried dropping the rope a few times but the majority of the time we held on and tried to keep riding for as long as possible.

First Try Wakesurfing (Jake)

Second Try Wakesurfing (Joe)

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our private group can get an evening tow behind the boat, go for a private snorkel trip or even go looking for whales (when in season) and dolphins in the late afternoon.

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