Unique Tours and Activities on Maui with Skyline Eco Adventures

Skyline Eco Adventures offers the original Zipline adventures on Maui. Skyline Eco Adventures offers a series of Ziplines that go progressively from smaller to longer distances. The finale of the Haleakala course is a Zipline that you actually go forwards and backwards on. The way the course is set up makes it ideal for anyone who is apprehensive about the idea of zipping because it allows you to build your confidence by progressively working up to the longer lengths and higher speeds of the final Ziplines. The guides of Skyline Eco Adventures are very friendly and will be sharing information about the native plants and animals throughout the Zipline excursion.

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The originator of zipline courses in the United States is a Hawaii company called Skyline Eco-Adventures. The very first zipline in the U.S. was opened by Skyline on the slopes of Haleakala on Maui in 2002.


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