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Travel Blog #87 - Whale Watch/Napali Coast Dinner Cruise On The Blue Dolphin

As we checked in at the Blue Dolphin store in the shopping village of Port Allen I looked up at the grey threatening looking sky and thought to myself:

"If nothing else, I'm sure we'll see whales."

I had just done a trip along the Napali Coast about two weeks prior and there were whales everywhere then, so I was pretty confident that we were about to have at least one encounter with a playful group of whales today. If I had only known how many whales we were about to see I would've strapped my GoPro cameras down all over the boat because we were literally surrounded by a group of whales for almost ten minutes.

I think that any camera pointed in the direction of the water would've got some good pictures of the whale encounter. After the excitement of the whales subsided the Captain was able continue on and navigated us down the coast past the Pacific Missile Range and Polihale Beach to the Napali Coastline.

whales on the napali coast

The Napali cliffs are over 3000 feet tall and I am sad to say that although I got some good pictures, none of them were able to capture any sense of the actual scale of how tall the cliffs of Napali really are. The Captain kept the boat in close to the cliffs on the way up the coast until we reached Kalalau Beach. Here we turned around and the Captain moved our course farther out to sea so we could get pictures of ourselves with the entire cliff line in the background. We spent the rest of the evening eating and sipping from our bottomless MaiTai cups as we watched the sun go down over the ocean. The seas were calm, the crew was friendly and the grey clouds did not drop a single bit of rain on us. We enjoyed our time we got to spend on the boat with Blue Dolphin Charters.

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This morning I woke up to very wet and rainy weather at my house in Lihue. My girlfriend had to work and I really wanted to do something more exciting then messing around inside on my computer all day.


I remember the first time I stood up on a wave. It was a sunny day at a break near Oluwalu on Maui. It was in the middle of one of the summertime adventures with my uncle Dennis that were commonplace during my childhood.


Today we had something happen that was slightly out of the ordinary. We were on an air tour around Kauai with Airventures Air Tours, when out of the depths of the ocean underneath us appeared a pod of massive Humpback Whales.


I love the sunset sails on Kauai. I really appreciate that with these sails, there is an actual destination to the whole adventure. You get to sail all the way to the Napali coast while you watch the sun go down.


I remember passing by the sign for Kauai Photo Tours in Kapaa when I first came over to Kauai in January and thinking to myself how much I was looking forward to going on that trip.


I had an idea of what we were getting into when I showed up at the headquarters of the Wailua River Guides in Kapaa, but I had no idea how much I was going to really enjoy the kayak and the hike up the river that we did today with Wailua River Guides.


Today we went out with Aloha Kauai Tours on their Kauai Backroads 4x4 Tour. We met the group at the Kilohana Plantation where we parked my truck and jumped in their customized 4x4 van.


We showed up at the Outfitters Kauai office in Poipu at just before 6AM to check in for their downhill bike trip. The ride goes down the road along the rim of the Waimea Canyon.


When I was a kid, my family lived in Kihei on the island of Maui. During the 1990s when I was growing up, Kihei was one of the fastest growing towns in the nation.


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One of the most romantic activities that we offer are our dinner cruises. Imagine being out on the water with your sweetheart, taking in the scenery of the lush island from the water.


Are you interested in seeing whales? Are you not sure which whale watch you should do? If so, we recommend that you look through our whale watching blog to see more information about the different whale watching options that we can provide.


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Enjoy sailing, cocktails and dinner while viewing the sights of the NaPali coastline complete with a magnificent sunset. After some sighting of the NaPali Coast enjoy cocktails, wine, beer and Blue Dolphin's famous mai tai's.

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