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You will find below an explanation and some details regarding our Affiliate Partnership Program but before you go any further, here is the short version:

You have clients that are coming to or are in Hawaii. 80% of all these clients participate in activities while they are here. They pay good money to enjoy these activities. Your clients can find the perfect tours in Hawaii while you earn a monthly income on every activity they enjoy while expending little or no effort!

If you deal in any way with island visitors who are either coming to Hawaii or already are in Hawaii you are aware that an important part of their vacation experience has to do with their tours and activities. Our "Affiliate Partnership Program" is designed to provide you with monthly income generated from the cost of the activities your clients choose to enjoy while visiting the islands.

If you are a travel agent, operate vacation rentals, if you're a management company for vacation rentals, if you manage a hotel or condominium complex, if you're a wedding coordinator or if you deal in any way with visitors who come to the islands..........this program can be a benefit to you! As you are probably aware, most Hawaii visitors (whether they are visiting the islands for the first time, or if they come annually) will participate in one or more activities during their visit.

Our program is simple. How does it work?

We create a special web site at no cost just for you, with your own special URL web address. Your website will be identical to the Tom Barefoot's Tours website but each of the 10,000 pages of your new website will include a special four digit promo code with your name or the name of your business located on the top left hand corner just under the Tom Barefoot's Tours logo. We make sure that you earn commissions when anyone books an activity on your special website or when they call one of our tour specialists to discuss their tour options using the special phone number found on every page of your new website.

The whole purpose is for you to easily be able to direct a client to the vast activity and tour resources of this powerful site and at the same time be easily identified as the source for any activity bookings coming from the site and be issued commissions for clients you refer here!

The Tom Barefoot's Tours Affiliate Partnership Program is fully supported; we have a full time staff of programmers who constantly keep it updated to be in compliance with the latest browser versions and online security requirements. Once a month you will receive a check in the mail for the previous month's completed activities along with an accounting of the clients name, the activities they completed and the total amount of commissions due to you. Sample of monthly commissions statement. On our Commission List you will see the current specific commissions you will earn for each activity that your clients book.

To sign up for this program simply fill out our easy Sign-Up Form. Once you do, our administration office will contact you with your account information (promotional code and web address). It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and once your website is created it is there for you to use forever.

If you have additional questions please contact me personally by calling our main office at (808) 661-8473. If I am not available at the moment I will call you back. Thanks for considering our Affiliate Partnership Program. It is an easy and simplified way to provide great service to your clients and provide extra income to you!

Tom Barefoot

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