Tom Barefoot, Founder

My Name: Tom Barefoot
My Phone Extension Not Listed
Lived In Hawaii Since: 1973
Originally From: San Diego, CA
My Favorite Types of Activities: Zipline Tours, Dinner Cruises, Whale Watching Tours.
I have been described by my clients as: Helpful, polite, knowledgeable.

There are no 'favorite' clients in my book. Whoever is on the other end of the phone line is someone who came to us for assistance, advice or help. It's our job to work with them and their specific set of circumstances. One of the things that makes our job so interesting is the wide variety of our clientele.

Tom's Bio

Tom's Bio

Since the age of twenty-four the only job I have ever known as been with Tom Barefoot's Tours. It's been a great experience and I have enjoyed stewarding the company through its various incarnations since its inception in 1975. I've been fortunate to have an interesting occupation and to be able to work with a "wild west" concoction of other Hawaii business owners.

Contact Tom

Tom is not the easiest person to get a hold of. The best way to get in touch with him is by calling Marci and extension #101 and seeing if it is possible for her to patch you through.

Related Information

Tom Barefoot's Tours is a family owned operation that is owned and operated by Tom Barefoot. Since 1975 Tom Barefoot's Tours has provided clients with all the information they need to plan the Hawaii vacation of their dreams, at the lowest prices available.


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Tom Barefoot's Tours is much more then just a web directory. We're constantly out in the field quality testing our tours. While we're on tour we always bring our camera gear so we can document what happens along the way.


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jade sullivan
Are you also a handball player. I think if you are, we met you at the Lihue handball tourniment that Curly used to put on.
My dad was Jerry Sullivan. You him?

Tom Barefoot
I've played handball quite a bit on Maui, but was never in a league in Lihue. I think you might be confusing me with some one else.

Tom Barefoot
We used to sell tickets for private charters on that boat but the boat is now being used for other things. Which is unfortunate because it is a great boat!

Tom, is that your race boat in the harbor named Cinderella?

Debra Greenwood-Clark
Hi Tom! I worked for Barefoot's at the Napili Shores concierge desk in 1992. I've done everything from guiding a raft in a West Virginia wilderness camp to houseparenting of juvenile males, to certified teaching, producing and writing art materials, and now medical social work ... but I just have to say that my 5 months with Barefoot's was no ka oi fun! Glad to see the business has continued and is prospering! Blessings!