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Ancient Polynesians used the spoken word to pass the legends of Hawai'i from generation to generation. Today those stories are given form in 'Ulalena, the dynamic musical extravaganza playing to standing ovations for over 13 years at the state of the art Maui Theatre in Lahaina. 'Ulalena is a live, theatrical production that intertwines myths, legends and history of Hawai'i told through dramatic interpretation, modern and traditional Polynesian dance, acrobats, song and chant. This performance is an artistic tribute to the unique cultures and traditions of Hawai'i. Professional performers bring the images of Hawai'i to life. You'll participate in an intimate dialogue with the universal elements of nature - where gods and goddesses coexist within the hearts and imaginations of everyone who dares to go beyond the visible images of their own existence. Extremely unique, powerful, funny, beautiful and hits on a full range of emotions. Dazzling special effects, a breathtaking musical score and intense performances make 'Ulalena an experience not to be missed!

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The Maui Theater in Lahaina is the home of the amazing Maui theatrical production of 'Ulalena', Burn'n Love and Fourever Fab Show. Ulalena - Tracing the course of Hawaiian history through legends, chants and stories this multimedia production is more sophisticated than you could have ever imagined.


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