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Sportfishing On The Kai Akua

Getting up early in the morning and going fishing is never an easy thing. I feel like if you're going to go through disrupting your sleep then you should be going on the boat where the crew is really motivated to catch fish. The Kai Akua is one such boat, these anglers have been fishing the Hawaiian waters for years and their experience shows. I got there to check in at the harbor at 2:30am and the crew was just getting back from catching bait. They had the bait well filled with live "opelu" which they assured us would get the bite. We relaxed in the comfortable cabin, which had a queen-sized bed as well as a bunk bed, bathroom with shower and a lounge/kitchen area. I made myself comfortable on the bunk bed because I was by myself and did not want to occupy the queen sized bed in case one of the couples wanted to use it. I was woke up by the engines slowing and I emerged from the bunk to fink that we had arrived at the buoy right on schedule just as the sun was about to show it's first light. One of the crewmembers went over the operation of the reels and the theory of live baiting and then we were fishing. We pulled in some good sized Mahi Mahi and everyone on the boat went home with a smile.

Maui Sportfishing

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