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Signing up for the Tom Barefoot's Promo Code Program is extremely simple. Spend a couple minutes filling out the following form and we'll handle it from there. Once you've submitted the form we will contact you with all of your account information such as your unique web page address, your promo code and your individual phone number.

Affiliate Program Information

Here is an example of a monthly accounting report of the tours and activities that were completed in the previous month similar to one you might receive.


When you sign up with our Tom Barefoot's Tours Affiliate Partnership Program we immediately assign you three separate things: you're unique 10,000 page website, your unique phone number which is found on every page of the site and is used exclusively by your clients to call us, and your unique four-digit Promo Code ID# also found on every page of your site.


You will find below an explanation and some details regarding our Affiliate Partnership Program but before you go any further, here is the short version:


The commission list showing money you will earn for each activity booked by your clients can be found here and the number on the far right hand side is the dollar amount in commissions paid 'per person'.


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Royce Mullen

So glad we found this program, before this the only way we made money from our website is from Google Adwords. Since we've signed up for the Tom Barefoot's Affiliate program Google Adwords has become our websites "secondary source" of income!