Should We Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center?

We have read everywhere that the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu is a must do attraction. We'll only be on Oahu a few days. Do you think this is one of the activities we should be doing?


Well there is no question that the Polynesian Cultural Center is a class act. As to whether it fits into a program you want to invent for yourself on your vacation is a decision that is strictly up to you. Although you didn't mention it, you presumably will be staying in the Waikiki area. The Polynesian Cultural Center is on the North Shore of the island and at least an hour drive away. Transportation is available through them from your hotel. They open about noontime so you could stay the afternoon with them and enjoy the evening festivities and dinner as well. If you had your own car it may be wiser to drive out on your own because you would be able to regulate your time a bit better and arrive later or leave earlier if you desire. The fact is that the North Shore is a destination in its own rite and would be a great place for you to visit in any event. One of your days on island could be worthwhile spent enjoying the North Shore with all its beautiful beaches and checking out the Polynesian Cultural Center as well.

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The Polynesian Cultural Center has been considered for years to be the most visited of all of Hawaii's top paid attractions. Over 33 million people have visited this beautiful North Shore location to experience the seven native villages that give visitors a rare opportunity to participate in various levels of the daily activities of these South Pacific cultures.

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