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Pony Express Haleakala Horseback Ride

Today we went on the Junction Ride with Pony Express Horseback Adventures through the Haleakala Crater. My step brother Shawn accompanied me on this trip. He had never been on a horse before but had an easy time picking it up. His horse "Mele" was very kind and gentle and gave Shawn no problems at all during the ride. My horse "Curly"was also had a very mild temperament. The ride took us from the rim of the Haleakala Crater all the way to the floor which is located over two and a half thousand vertical feet down the sliding sands trail. I've hiked this trail before and it is no easy task but I always thought it was worth it because of the amazing scenery. To be able to experience this on horseback was something that was a completely different experience. Shawn and I were relaxed throughout the ride. We never got out of breath from the high altitude and were joking and laughing the whole way down. Once we got to the bottom we had a small picnic before making our way back up to the craters rim.

Haleakala Crater Horseback Ride

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