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Piiholo Ranch Horseback Ride

Today we went horseback riding at the Piiholo Ranch Stables. The Piiholo Ranch Stables are located on the Piiholo Ranch in upcountry Maui. The ranch is located at the edge of the jungles of Haiku and the grazing lands of Makawao a few minutes up the narrow Piiholo Road. This location makes for a very comfortable, cool climate as well as spectacular scenery. The grass on the ranch was a bright green that seemed to look almost otherworldly because of the intensity of the color and the air was rich with the smell of fresh, clean upcountry air. The horses we rode here on Piiholo Ranch were first class. The Baldwin family, who owns the ranch, has a rich tradition of horsemanship and many of the horses in their stable are horses that have been retired from their own personal collections that they take with them to various roping events and horse shows throughout the nation. My step Mom, Doreena Barefoot came along with me on the ride. We also had a very young girl named Annabelle in our group that came on the ride for her birthday as an introductory horse riding lesson. No one in the group had a great deal of experience on horseback, so our guide Lydia went over the basics of how to mount and control the horses and then we practiced our newly learned skills in the controlled environment of the arena before taking the horses out onto the open fields of the ranch. Once we were in the pastureland of the ranch we were free to ride in any formation that we pleased as Lydia took us through the forest trails and open grazing lands of the ranch to some of her favorite locations. We really enjoyed our morning with Piiholo Ranch. The horseback ride was a nice way get off the beaten path and explore some beautiful scenery with family and new found friends.

Our Horseback Ride


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