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Molokai Princess Alii Tour

The island of Molokai is the least developed of all the major Hawaiian islands and the Molokai locals like it that way because it offers them the ability to maintain the relaxed, slow paced culture of the Hawaii of old. As soon as you step off of the boat you will notice that Molokai does not have the same fast pace as Maui, it feels as if time slows down here and you can't help but allow yourself to relax as you observe the mellow surroundings of Molokai. The island does not have any big name stores, the economy is still made up of small, local Mom and Pop sort of establishments. Molokai has some of the richest history of all of the Hawaiian Islands. The peninsula to on the North side of the island named Kalaupapa was once home a leper colony where over five thousand victims are still buried to this day. It was here where the famous missionary Father Damien (who recently became a saint) did the majority of his missionary work. The Ali'i Tour took us from the main harbor of Kaunakakai to the Kalaupapa Lookout and then we made our way over towards the east side of the island to a place called Rock Point stopping at many scenic points along the way. The tour showed us just about as much as is possible to see without staying on Molokai overnight. At the end of the day the Molokai Princess returned us to the port of Lahaina where we initially departed from that morning.

The Ali'i Tour

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