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Maui Kayaks Whale Watch

Today was the sort of trip that I wish everyone could experience at some point in during their life. To start of with it was a magnificent Maui morning. No wind, calm seas....perfect for kayaking. In addition to that Maui has been experiencing a record year as far a whales go, and we could see spouts from a group of whales that were playing within sight of shore. As our guide briefed us about what we could expect to see on the days trip he made it very clear that at no point were we going to be chasing the whales. We were going to show them the respect they deserve by avoiding going close to them. However, if the whales got curious of was ok to remain in the same place and let them approach us. On the way to our snorkel location the whales seemed to go the opposite direction from us. Then on the way back they came right up to us. One literally swam between my brothers boat and mine. It was an experience I will never forget.



Our Whale Encounter

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