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Maui Downhill Sunrise Bike Tour

The sunrise bike trip with Maui Downhill is one of Maui's classic trips. If begins with a van ride to the top of the mountain under the cover of darkness. The timing of the drive coincides perfectly with the rising of the sun. Right when we got to the top the color of the sky was beginning to lighten from the dark black of the night to the indigo color that precedes the rising of the sun. Eventually the sun popped over the back of the horizon, bringing light to the day. Shortly after our group met back up at the van to drive down to where we were going to start the ride. Once on the bikes we cruised down through the upcountry portion of Maui.

The Sunrise

The Haleakala Summit

The Bike Ride

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$112.90 - $112.90

A deluxe and informative van tour to Haleakala National Park. From the crater rim enjoy a beautiful sunrise and stunning views of Haleakala's cinder cones and volcanic features 2,000 feet below.

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