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Kahoma Ranch ATV and Waterslide Video

Today we went out with Kahoma Ranch on their ATV/Waterslide Tour. This turned out to be a very exciting trip I (Jake Barefoot) was accompanied on this trip by my Dad (Tom Barefoot) and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We began by changing into some riding clothes. I brought some from home and my Dad borrowed some from Kahoma Ranch. We were fitted with helmets and goggles and then we went over the controls and operation of the side by side Polaris 4x4 ATV's. After our briefing we were off. On the way up the hill we were presented with amazing view of the steep jungle valleys above. The trail was mostly hard packed but there were many sections that has thick "duff" about 6 inches thick on top of the hard pack. I can only imagine how exciting it must get up there on a muddy day. We continued up the mountain until we arrived at a native garden that we stopped at to check out the vegetation, the views and to use the restroom. We tasted the Guava, Banana, Strawberry Guava, Apple Bananas that grew there. We also saw Kalo, which is used by Hawaiians to make Poi. After being shown around the garden by our guide Keoki we departed towards the waterslides further up the mountain. I was not expecting too much from these waterslides, however once we got there I was singing a different tune. There were three slides, each made with seven layers of once inch foam stacked on top of each other. Keoki provided us with mats that made the slides even faster. There was two straight slides and one that snaked its way down the hill. One of the straight slides even had a bump in the middle that would pop you up into the air. These reminded me of slides I've seen in Travis Pastranas backyard on TV. We played here for about forty-five minutes and then drove back down. The ride down had beautiful ocean views and a couple steep sections that were pretty fun to drive down. We even saw some cows crossing the road at the bottom. When we got to the bottom the only thing left on us that was still clean was our teeth when we smiled, it was a fun day in the dirt!

We Drove UTV's To The Waterslide

We Did All The Waterslides

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