Jake Barefoot, CEO

My Name: Jake Barefoot
My Phone Extension: Not listed.
Lived In Hawaii Since: Born & raised.
Originally From: Lahaina, Hawaii.
My Favorite Types of Activities: Snorkeling Tours, Helicopter Tours and Luaus.
I Have Been Described By My Clients As: Intelligent, hardworking and fiery.

I like to share the islands that I grew up on with people that are respectful of the culture and the land.

Jake's Bio

I was born in Lahaina, Maui in 1984. My Dad had already been running Tom Barefoot's Tours for years and some of my earliest memories took place in our various shops in Lahaina. Since as long as I can remember my Dad and I have been going on tours and spending time together working on the business. I remember when I was young I would frequently beg my Dad to take me to work with him instead of leaving me with a babysitter. Most of the time it would work if I told him that I would be quiet and do something productive. He would make sure I kept busy by giving me simple tasks, like organizing the brochures or helping "Auntie" Marci in her office. Growing up I always wanted to be like my Dad and started working "officially" working with him as soon as I was of age. It began as an after school job that lasted all the way through high school. After high school I didn't initially want to leave home and began working with my Dad full time. During this year I frequently ran into situations where it felt like I was trying to reinvent the wheel. I began to realize how much an education would benefit my life, so I began applying for schools and searching for scholarships.

I ended up attending Southern Oregon University (SOU) in Ashland, Oregon. SOU had a good exchange program with Hawaii and I was delighted to find out that there were many other kids from Hawaii that went to SOU, so I had no trouble making friends. I spent 4 years in Oregon before I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I majored in Business Management, minored in both Marketing and Communication and also earned a certificate in Human Resource Management (unlike many of my friends I knew exactly what was waiting for me when I was done with school and did my best to prepare for it). Within three days of my Graduation Ceremony I was back at home on Maui, answering phone calls at the Tom Barefoot's Tours Administration Office.

Since I got back I have done almost every job there is to do in the company. At one time or another I have played the role of being a Sales Consultant (on the phone and in the store), a Market Research Specialist, an Office Assistant, a Sales Manager, a Web Master, a Photographer, a Videographer and more...I've gotten to do some amazing things while I've worked here, and I truly love my job.

What I Like To Do

When I'm not at work one of my favorite things to do is to go to the beach with my family and play with my black lab Holly Girl. When I'm not outside enjoying Hawaii I've always liked to work with my computer. Since I was a kid I loved playing with electronics. I was one of those kids that you had a hard time pulling away from my video games. When I constructed the first version of TomBarefoot.com for my Dad in the early nineties and then started developing the site as I got older it seemed to be a very natural progression.

When I was a kid I would have trouble sitting still unless I went outside and wore myself out a bit first. My favorite place to let out my energy is at the beach. I have always had a deep love for the ocean. Although I don't find as much time for it as I did in the past, I love to surf, skimboard, fish, dive.....and just hang out with my friends and family near the ocean.

Related Information

Tom Barefoot's Tours is a family owned operation that is owned and operated by Tom Barefoot. Since 1975 Tom Barefoot's Tours has provided clients with all the information they need to plan the Hawaii vacation of their dreams, at the lowest prices available.


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Shawn Brown
Thank you so much for letting us know about your companies partner program. We've been looking for something like this for years. You guys are awesome! Many mahalos to you Jake!!