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Hawaiian Excursions Father Damien Tour

The history of the peninsula of Kalaupapa on the Island of Molokai is perhaps one of the saddest stories in the modern history of Hawaii. During the late 1800's to the present day this location has been home to the world famous Kalaupapa Leper Colony. This area was chosen by the state to be used as a quarantine zone for those that were infected with Leprosy (Hansons Diesease) that was brought to the islands by Caucasian settlers in the nineteenth century. The native Hawaiians proved to be extremely susceptible to this disease and made up an overwhelming majority of the over 8000 people were sent here to live out their days and eventually die. The early history of this area was filled with chaos and lawlessness until the famous missionary Father Damien came to the remote settlement. Father Damien was of Dutch origin and was sent to Molokai as part of his missionary duties. During his time there he was able to lobby the church and the state for more aid for the victims here and was responsible for bringing the majority of the support to create the infrastructure that is found there today. We spent the day touring the highlights of the settlement before we got on the plane back home.

Kalaupapa Leper Colony Video

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