Dolphin Excursions and Non Swimmers?

Hi there ... question about the dolphin excursion in oahu ... would this tour be suitable for a non-swimmer ... do you offer life jackets ... would you recommend it for a non-swimmer? Thanks!


In response to your question I believe you're asking about the specific company, Dolphin Excursions, and it's actually one of the best choices for a non swimmer to experience being in the water with wild dolphins on Oahu. The boat harbor is located right inside the bay where three pods of dolphins are known to call 'home'. The boat puts you in the water right where the dolphins are for the first location. With your life jacket, and along with another floatation device called a noodle, you'll be staying in the same spot until the boat comes back round at the end of the time with the dolphins. They have you grasp onto a knot in a long rope that extends from the back of the boat while they slowly gather up all of the snorkelers in this manner. Then you'd be going hand over hand from knot to knot until you get to the back of the boat where you're helped on by a crew member. The second location you're put in the water right above a beautiful cluster of coral heads with lots of fish and some turtles and the boat stays right there over the reef for people to get back on board at their choosing.

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Hawaii dolphin watching together with swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii is an industry all to its own. There is probably no sea creature quite as endearing in the eyes of a human being as the dolphin.

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