Do You Have a Boat that Goes Out Sailing with No Extras?

All we want is a sailboat, no snorkeling, no extras, just a boat that sails for a couple of hours. Any ideas?


You probably should check out the America ll mid-afternoon Tradewind sail. It only goes out for a couple of hours but it is usually during the time of day that has the heaviest wind. The boat takes off from Lahaina Harbor and heads toward the wind line and then puts up the sails. Being an America's Cup boat contender it knows what to do when the wind arrives and you had better hold on. The boat will list and ocean water will run down one side of the ship and even onto the seats of the lower side of the vessel. It's a real thrill and sounds like what you may be looking for.

Maui Sailing

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Sailing in Hawaii whether it be on a Hawaii sailboat charter, a Hawaii boat tour or a Hawaii yacht charter is simply a way of life in the islands. Keep in mind that the very first people to come to these islands came by virtue of a sail boat and so the sailing heritage runs deep in the waters surrounding Hawaii.

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