Do the Maui Bike Tours Go All the way up Haleakala?

Years ago we did the bike ride down Haleakala and it was fabulous. We heard that they don't go all the way up the mountain now days. Is that true?


Most companies do go all the way up the mountain; they just don't coast down all the way. A couple of years ago the Park Service restricted bike riding in the park itself. This means that the bike tour companies still take you all the way up to the top of the crater to view the sunrise or see the sights but that they will take you down to the boundary of the park before allowing you to get on your bike and coast down the rest of the way. Essentially this means that your bike ride will start at about the 6500' level and depending upon which bike company you choose, allow you to glide down to the sea. You still get to see the top of the mountain but you are not allowed to coast the entire distance down the hill on the bikes.

Haleakala Bike Downhill Tour

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For years Hawaii bike tours have been a main-stay of the activities available for the visitors coming to the islands. Perhaps no island provides more bike tours to visitors than the island of Maui and this is all due to the phenomenon that occurred in the early eighties with the advent of the Haleakala downhill bicycle adventures.

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