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Cruiser Phils Sunrise Haleakala Bike Ride

It's been a few years since we last went on a bike ride with Phil so we thought it was about time that we pay him a visit. They picked us up just after 2:00AM, after picking up a couple more passengers we began to make our way up towards the summit of Haleakala. It took about two hours on the twisting switchback road before we made it to the top of the mountain. Once we got there we put on all of our warm layers and then opened the door and made our way out into the cold darkness of the parking lot. The stars above us were much brighter then they were at sea level and over the course of about 45 minutes the stars faded away and the sky made a slow change from night to day.
After the sunrise was over we made our way back towards the van. Once we were all there we drove down to the park entrance where we were to start our bike ride. Our bikes were very comfortable cruiser style bikes that had upright handlebars, a wide saddle and anti lock drum brakes. The ride was a consistent downhill, we literally only had to peddle for a few hundred yards during the entire journey. When we made it to the bottom there were smiles all around our group. We took a few minutes to relax, and then got back into the van so the driver could take us back home. It was a great morning!

Sunrise From Haleakala

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$103.90 - $133.90

Take a trip to see the sunrise from the Haleakala Crater, then go for a downhill bike ride. Trip includes hotel pick-up and drop Off, guided van tour of the Summit of Haleakala with the bike ride beginning outside the National Park at the 6,500-foot elevation and ending in Paia Town.

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