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Hana is located on the Northeastern coast of the island. This means that the coastline in this area is bombarded almost continuously by waves, swells and oftentimes wind that comes straight off the great expanses of Pacific Ocean. We say this because although there are some great beaches in the Hana area they can also be treacherous as has been evidenced by the number of drownings and near misses that have occurred in the area over the course of years. You should always ask someone who you think may have a clue about the conditions on that day and if it is safe to venture in the water, and if so where in the water you should be. Conditions can change quickly and is always a good idea to spend some time studying the water for a time yourself before you make your decision to get in. The great thing about the beaches in Hana as that they are for the most part made of black sand or even red sand.

Hamoa Beach

Hamoa Beach

(View of Hamoa from the lookout point.)

Hamoa Beach is the favorite beach of most of Hana's visitors. Its greyish black sand is a novelty for many and if your lucky enough to get to visit on a day with small surf and sunny weather you will understand why such a high percentage of the beachgoers in Hana view Hamoa as Hana's premiere beach. (more)

Hana Bay Beach

Hana Bay Beach

(View of Hana Bay from the pier looking back towards town)

Hana Bay Beach is located in the middle of Hana town and is better known for the pier that was built here to service the boats that come into the bay than the sandy area that exists here. However, if you're lucky enough to catch it on a sunny day it is a nice place to relax for a while after completing the road to Hana. (more)

Wainapanapa Beach Park

Wainapanapa Beach Park

(View of Wainapanapa black sand beach from the east end)

If you are looking to go to a black sand beach when you visit Maui then a visit to Wainapanapa State Park needs to be added on to your itinerary. This fully equipped park has a camping area with restrooms and showers as well as a historic trail that leads you by a cave that has a freshwater pool inside of it. If the ocean is rough swimming in the freshwater pools will be your only option to get in the water because the entry to the ocean can become very hazardous. (more)

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