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Most of the background music for Tom's Videos has been provided by Barry Flanagan. Barry is the founder of "Hapa", and has been our friend on the islands for over twenty-five years. He has allowed us to use his recordings as a back-drop to most of the video narratives you will find on this website. Our thanks go out to Barry and to the members of Hapa! Do yourself a favor and please visit Hapa's website at You will be able to view and purchase their albums, see their upcoming scheduled events and learn much more about this truly Hawaiian treasure.

The New York Times recently stated that "Hapa is the most successful Hawaiian music group in recent history".

The Honolulu Advertiser's Senior Entertainment writer, Wayne Harada wrote: "Hapa's Maui is majestic, the music and packaging are aurally and visually stunning, reflecting a link to the past while soaring mightily into the future".

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Lived In Hawaii Since: 1973
Originally From: San Diego, CA
My Favorite Types of Activities: Zipline Tours, Dinner Cruises, Whale Watching Tours.


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