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Alex Air Doors Off Helicopter Ride

For more information please visit: http://www.tombarefootshawaiitoursact... This is an experience that is unlike any other we offer. The only way to describe it in relation to the other kinds of tours that we offer is to say that if you combined parasailing, paragliding and a bus tour of the whole island all into one then you might have something similar to a doors off helicopter tour. The beauty and sights of the island are the same that you will see on any other helicopter tour but the ride is completely different. There were two points on the trip when I was truly put in awe by the doors off experience. Once was when the pilot tilted the helicopter on its side so we could get a better view of a crater that we were passing. This was one of those theme park kinds of moments where your heart jumps into your throat your eyes open wide and for some reason a you can feel your cheeks cramp as a giant smile spreads over your face. The other was when we passed over a huge field of wild ginger and the smell of it rushed into the cabin on the hundred mile an hour winds that were being generated by the rotor. This experience was equally thrilling as it was beautiful.

Doors Off Helicopter Ride

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